Greenhouse Fans and Ventilation

Greenhouse Fans and Ventilation #1
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TitleGreenhouse Fans and Ventilation
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Today I took care of the outstanding greenhouse fans and ventilation issues that were still outstanding. I bought a cheap oscillating floor fan at Menards for less than $20.00 and a small table top/clip-on fan for about $8.00. Both needed assembly which I did on the video. After that I cut open the side ventilation flap pockets (there was a manufacturers defect), then assembled and slid the pipes into their pockets ― not a real easy task if you are by yourself!

For those of you who have not been following, the greenhouse is a 12’ x 20’ ShelterLogic round top greenhouse. I set it up last fall and over the winter I built the benches and a germination/seedling starter chamber that allowed me to start my seedlings outdoors in a Wisconsin winter without heating the entire greenhouse.

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